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Barsky Consulting provides a variety of expert HR development services designed to streamline human resources departments into more efficient and effective systems. 

We specialise in high-performance benchmarking, which means we’ll ultimately help you save money by ensuring you hire the right people for the right job in your organisation. We’ll identify the key characteristics of your workforce, assessing both high and low performers, and using the data generated as a benchmark for these roles. 

When it comes to selecting new employees to fulfil similar vacancies or managerial roles, you’ll know the exact type of person you’re looking for and can choose the most suitable candidate.

High-performance benchmarking

This process can assist with the following:

  • The recruitment and selection process
  • Training and development (with regards to the appropriate allocation of budgets)
  • Performance development and appraisal

    By incorporating our high-performance benchmarking into your organisation’s human resources system, your business will immediately become more competitive within the marketplace. Using this professional and proven process, you can identify and apply best practice for your organisation, as well as improve your understanding of what your employees need to excel.

    Benchmarking will also make it easier to measure productivity and identify the key competencies your workforce requires, as well as enabling you to redeploy workers to where they’ll be most effective. Ultimately, this is a service that will create positive change within any organisation and will make your HR practice much more efficient and productive. 

    You can further expect

    • Improved communication within your organisation through more efficient sharing of information 
    • Immediate gains through the identification of internal best practice, and the opportunity to transfer those gains to other performers within the organisation

      Benefits for the individual

      High-performance benchmarking is effective because it not only works for the organisation – it also works for the individual, which is crucial to the overall success of this service. Employees will subsequently become more self-aware of their performance and, in the right roles, will enjoy increased job satisfaction.

      The process will also identify areas where they could benefit from further training and development, as well as providing objective feedback regarding their performance and potential. By using benchmarking, you can ultimately compare your workforce to industry norms and make informed decisions about how to move forward.

      Team building

      Our team building program is designed to meet the individual needs of each client and is an important element in creating any effective workforce. We offer one-on-one psychological assessments as well as group-based activities, using practical exercises to develop more positive relationships between employees.

      All of our techniques are designed to be stimulating and interesting and will result in improved team behaviour, which will benefit your organisation in the long run. Employees will feel valued and will better understand the capabilities of their colleagues and how to utilise these at the benefit of the company. 

      Benefits to the organisation

      • Enhanced communication
      • Improved relationships between colleagues
      • Increased morale, leading to greater productivity

        Benefits to the individual

        • Personal development
        • Skill enhancement
        • Increased self-awareness

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