Organisational psychology and assessment services

At Barsky Consulting, we provide a range of professional human resources services for clients across multiple sectors. We believe the key to any successful business is a healthy, happy workforce, which means that managing people effectively has never been more important.

Offering independent, specialist advice, we work closely with a range of companies, providing effective solutions that will ultimately support businesses into the future. Established in 1998, we have almost 20 years’ experience in our field and a team of experts who can assist with all manner of workplace issues.

Psychological Assessment

Barsky Consulting’s psychological assessments are designed to assist clients in selecting the most appropriate employees to fulfil particular roles within their organisation.

Assessment Centre

As an assessment centre, Barsky Consulting can provide a detailed overview of your business, drawing up a comprehensive strategy to enhance how you manage your employees. 

Executive Coaching

Barsky Consulting provides a variety of expert HR development services designed to streamline human resources departments into more efficient and effective systems. 


It’s inevitable that at some stage in the life of an organisation, redundancy will occur. If it does, it will impact both the person leaving and those staying behind. 

Career Guidance

When it comes to carving out a successful career, it’s important to be fully informed about the skills you need to acquire your dream job and how to develop your competency for a particular role. 

HR Consulting

When it comes to HR consulting services, Barsky Consulting has everything your company needs to create a successful workforce. Our expert team has years of experience.

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