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Barsky Consulting’s psychological assessments are designed to assist clients in selecting the most appropriate employees to fulfil particular roles within their organisation. Our detailed assessments subsequently aid employers in identifying key competencies within their existing workforce, as well as helping them to set high-performance benchmarks for future staff.

They also help those who take part to become more aware of their professional abilities and any additional skills they may need to acquire through on-going learning and development. Ultimately, our psychological assessment techniques will save your company time and money, and create a more productive workforce. 

Your assessment

Welcome to your Barsky Consulting online assessment. You should have received your assessment invitation via email. Please keep this email handy. Select the appropriate assessment from the three options below, as per your invitation. If you have not received your invitation, please contact us.

    Alternatively, if you wish to book an online assessment, please contact us .

    Call us today on 1300 768 739  for more information about our psychological assessment services.

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