Risk management services from experienced HR professionals

Barsky Consulting helps a wide range of organisations develop effective risk management strategies to safeguard their companies and keep them flourishing into the future. It’s important, however, that the entire workforce of any organisation is up to speed on safety issues and that employers are aware of their potential for creating risk.

With this in mind, we can assist our clients in recruiting employees who are safety aware and who will be a good fit for their particular organisation.

Accident Risk Management Survey (ARM)

Using the Accident Risk Management Survey (ARM), Barsky Consulting can assess individual attitudes and beliefs towards safety. This innovative technique is an incredibly useful and practical way to avoid accidents in the workplace and provides accurate data that can be used by employers.

For example, those people (normally one-in-three) who score less than 36 on the ARM Survey, tend to be responsible for around 75% of accidents and 91% of injury claims across all industries. Using ARM, we can subsequently identify who potentially poses a risk to your organisation, helping you manage this accordingly.

Furthermore, the process will also shed light on the reasons why these employees have this increased potential for risk, giving an accurate analysis for your benefit.

How it works

If you’re interested in using the ARM Survey to benefit your organisation, it can be completed either online or offline, at your convenience. Contact our friendly team at Barsky Consulting for more information and we’ll be happy to help.

Call us today on 1300 768 739  for more information about our risk management services.

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