Outplacement services from our trusted firm

It’s inevitable that at some stage in the life of an organisation, redundancy will occur. If it does, it will impact both the person leaving and those staying behind. At Barsky Consulting, we can help your workforce adapt to a changing situation such as this through our professional career transition management and outplacement service.

Working closely with the individual leaving and also with their colleagues, our expert team will ensure the situation is handled competently and appropriately for all concerned.

We’ll assist with

  • Personal adjustment in dealing with the impact of job loss
  • Career planning 
  • Job searches and related activities

    Further benefits to you

    • We’ll provide advice regarding effective separation
    • We can assist in developing an appropriate strategy for separation
    • Our team will provide ‘on the day’ support and debriefing of managers and staff

      Expert advice and guidance

      When employees feel valued, this will ultimately encourage them in their work and benefit the organisation they’re a part of. With this in mind, Barsky Consulting will ensure that when a person leaves the company, they’ll still feel valued and supported during the entire process.

      Our outplacement service will provide the individual with professional advice to ensure a successful career transition, and will help to reduce stress, redirecting their energy towards the future. We’ll help them see their redundancy as a positive opportunity to move forward in their career, thus removing the negative connotations associated with the process.

      When you invest in our services, we can provide expert career guidance and psychological assessment, as well as access to industry recruiting specialists for interviews and market updates.

      Call us today on 1300 768 739  for more information about our outplacement services.

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